Is the most effective method, which enables to clean, dust-free, streets, roads, bridges, industrial and warehouse halls, underground parking spaces. Applying the relevant machine velocity, we obtain the optimal result of the shot blasting.

That method is suitable to treat the following surfaces:
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Asphalt
Shot blasting technologies using the BLASTRAC machines are highly effective and environment friendly (there is no emission of gases, dust; no use of chemicals and water contamination).


Is the method used in the case of cleaning, profiling, levelling or removing of a floor layer. Using the specialised machines we are able to scarify the concrete and asphalt surfaces for the depth of 2-10 mm. Milling cutters operate together with industrial vacuum cleaners, which sucks the dust effectively off.

Milling is applied first of all in the following cases:
  • Damaged, greased, uneven surfaces
  • Removal of layers of the concrete or resin floors
  • Levelling the floors
  • Profiling the smooth substrates